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Kephrys and Freedom Knight : Quality Time by Donighal
Kephrys and Freedom Knight : Quality Time

A few months ago, SouthernNerd was kind enough to show some interest in my OCs, and gently offered me to write a story relating the meeting of Freedom Knight with my Kephrys. This story is still a work in progress soon-to-be submitted, but I can say it involves a confrontation between the two heroes before they realize they are on the same team and they band together to defeat the real threat. In other words, a typical first meeting in the purest superheroic genre !

Once the villain defeated, Samuel, always the seducer when beautiful women involved, could not put an end to the story here and as the gentleman he invited Kephrys for dinner. The next part would certainly prove to be x-rated, still a paparazzi managed to steal a picture of the two heroes !

Art beautifully executed by the inimitable johnnyharadrim !

Bastlann by Donighal
A new deviation from a friend, about his DC Universe Online character Bastlann.
Bastlann is the son of Allada (the granddaughter of Kephrys) and an avatar of the egyptian god Aker. Among other things, he's superhumanly strong, agile and resilient, and he has an almost mystical connection to the natural world. He's also a talented metamorph.
A human/lion hybrid, he's (most of the time) 7'2" tall for more than 770 pounds.
He's the great-grandson of Kephrys.
Theo in the Steam stream ... by Donighal
Theo in the Steam stream ...
My friend did another great piece I wanted to share !
This is his Mutants and Masterminds character, Theodore Pritchard aka Piel, a chronokinecist, adventurer and dimension-traveller.
On this picture, he's on a mission on a parallel Earth, a steampunk one as you can notice.


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Catty Clan Girls by Shono  

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