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[NOTE : The following data apply to the Neferet from 2037.]

Name : Neferet Mears, née Harkness, then Strode through adoption. Dahlia officially changed her first name for Neferet in 2016.
Place of birth : A small unidentified town in Massachusetts, USA.
Birth date : Oct 31, 1977.
Known aliases : Dahlia Darkness (Darkness was the last name of her family during 17th century then later changed into "Harkness"), Dahlia the Whore, The Dark Witch, Madame de Harkness, Plaisir de la Queue.
Citizenship : American citizen, naturalized Rogue Islaes citizen, then naturalized egyptian citizen.
Identity : Publicly known. Most people don't believe Dahlia is a witch.
Legal and marital status : Married, with a criminal record.
Known family : Abigail Harkness (mother, decease), Sybill Harkness (ancestor, deceased), Mr and Mrs Strode (adoptive parents, first names unknown, deceased), Martya Xvar (son), Lilyandra Mears (daughter), Jason Mears ("Centurion", first husband, deceased), Thomas Mears ("Centurion II", second husband), Gueby, Kem-ur, Qeb (brothers-in-law), Merour (nephew), Allada (niece), many others minotaur children.
Group Membership : Cult of Kephrys, New Nile Empire, New Egyptian Church.
Height : 175 cm (5'9")
Weight : 58 kg (127 lbs)
Eyes : Green, white while using magic. Can vary due to the use of colored contact lenses.
Hair : Black/brunette.

Dahlia is a stunningly beautiful, yet troubled and influencable young woman descending from a long line of witches from Massachusetts. Unaware of this legacy, she lived in a loving foster family until she discovered the truth in her late teen years, and then decided to learn more about this atavism. Not completely evil at heart, she's nonetheless a twisted and perverse woman who turned to the darkest of magic to more easily achieve her egoistic goals, mostly because there was nobody to guide her through a more vertuous path. As an adult, she's a corrupted and gorgeous sorceress dealing with Black Arts and extraplanar dark energy summoning.
To ensure the success of her projects, she looked for allies and periodically associated with Arachnos, with satanists, and other evil wizards like her, but loyalty and teamwork are not the strong suit of Dahlia, and she always ended a loner. She fjnally migrated to the Rogue Isles where she continued her criminal life and also started a career of escort girl and upper-class prostitute, a highly successful and profitable second job due to her beauty and charming powers, her sulfurous reputation as a supervillain adding an appreciated "exotic" thrill.
In 2012, her life took a new turn when she fortuitously got involved in the death of the Demon Prince Samael. She somehow absorbed a part of his essence, which rose her from the mildly-above-medium magic-user she was to a far superior rank. Despite this power upgrade, it did no good to Dahlia as she began to draw attention from the whole occult world, seeking to tear those remnants off her for their own use, most likely killing her in the process, and Dahlia proved to be not that powerful to handle this flood of new enemies. Tracked and in constant danger, she begged for assistance to the only people she knew that she never betrayed and could turn to : the heroes who destroyed Samael. 
Among them was Kem-ur who agreed to trade his protection for favors from the beautiful witch. The two of them promptly started a short-lived affair, and Kem-ur introduced Dahlia to his mother Kephrys. The goddess soon subjugated the young theurgist and initiated her to her cult. The impressionable woman quickly became one of Kephrys priestesses, taking the new name of Neferet.

Neferet was already a whore way before becoming a villain, and now that her mind has been altered many times to fit Kephrys needs, she's one of the most degenerated dwellers of New Memphis. Her lust for obscene pleasures and depravity borders insanity.
Fact is she harbors a psychopathic behavior and even signs of psychotic disorders that might be related to years of psychic enslavement and several brainwashing attempts made to alter her thoughts and memories.

A natural-born sorceress, Neferet was endowed from birth with predispositions for magic she honed through study. Her powers mostly focus on the summoning of the Netherworld's dark energies, to strengthen, regenerate or corrupt bodies and souls, and to create constructs of darkness.

Neferet sometimes wears the Robe of Shemal, the replica of Samael's clerical clothes when the Demon Prince maintained the identity of the god Shemal in ancient Syria. This garment woven from demons and human skins can be used as a focus to a spellcaster wearing it.

  • Hedge Magic : Neferet is a skilled ritualist, be it black or white magic, and a decent magical devices crafter. Kephrys also initiated her to tantric magic, and Neferet is by now a expert on the matter.
  • Obsessive : Neferet psychopathic mindset and charm allow her to easily manipulate healthier people around her.
  • Unholy Youth : While more than sixty years old, Neferet remains healthy, young and fresh despite aging, years of physical and mental abuses, rapes, multiple traumatizing pregnancies and several insanity-inducing events in her life. This is partly due to black magic restorative rituals, and partly to the use of advanced rejuvenating technology.

I'd like to promote some artists I commissioned because they made awesome jobs :

akiranime I'm usually not very in the "manga" style (I'm more a comics fan). But when I saw some of Akiranime's gif, I said to myself "wow, I need one of those", so I contacted him. Akiranime is not much of a talker, but he's a worker to say the least, and when he's working he does an awesome job. The artist will work hard on the first sketch, go back to the copy as much as needed. When final product delivered, he will gladly change the things you don't like about it. And he works fast.
Some might think his rates are not cheap, but he's awesome and clearly deserves any penny.
I recommend Akiranime and clearly plan to commission him again in a not-so-far future.

- Balsamique is not only a great cartoonist, but also a real fine man to know. You will LOVE his patreon, so just join him.…

- Chadwick-J-Coleman the veteran artist of the list. His gallery speaks for me. The guy is 100% WYSIWYG, which happens to be awesome. I notably enjoy his versatility and think his talent can cover many various projects.

- deadheart82 is a very affordable artist. For a 3D model, semi-realistic depiction of your characters, look no further ! And a cool guy too.

- Diseased-Crab is a talented young man I think and hope will become a great comicbooks artist. I especially enjoyed his Powell-inspired artwork and decided to ask him a commission. Now I'm a hardcore follower of the non-cosplay side of his gallery :D You must follow the man.

- Apart for his awesome talent, what I liked most about Harpokrates is this will to understand your project and make it work to please you. Totally a great artist. In 10 years from here, when Jay will be a famous name in the industry, I will be able to proudly say "yeah, he drew me this".

- Jason244555 there will never be enough love for Jason. The guy is a fun-loving deviant artist, willing to enter your universe and genuinely interested by your ideas and OCs. His rates are very affordable for full colored artwork. And btw he happens to be a very nice person, which is a good thing !
CommissionsHello all,
Recently I have be getting many requests for commissions, so I am letting everyone know that I am doing them.  Rate is $25.00 Note me if you are interested.

- Jeffach is an artist who most likely does not need my publicity ! Anyway, I'd like to say I was a tough customer I think, still he worked and reworked hard, never surrendered to the project until it was 100% good for me, which is quite cool. I think the final result also is quite cool.

- johnnyharadrim I happened to be a hell of a customer to him ! Still he never lost his friendly and professional attitude and delivered SEVERAL versions of my commission. And it's a heck of a good job, to say the least ! By the way, I would like to add his rates are very affordable and very comic-style, which happen to be just exactly what I'm looking for. Thumbs up !

- nixminor His rates are low, but his standards are high ! He cares especially about his deadlines, which is a good thing :D

- RamArtwork Ed is - sorry- a DAMN good artist to commission. Surely, his art is great, but this is his attitude and professionalism that conquer all ! The man accepted my commission on february 1st, the very next day I received not one but THREE sketches (all excellent) to choose from.
10 days later my commission was sended to me, complete and all. He even applied a quick variant in a minute. He not only takes in account your demands, he actually cares about what you want and has a concern about it that only passion can explain.
Ed cares about what he does for you and that is definitely cool.

- And to end this, I'd like to promote a guy who has no DA account but deserves it at least as much as those I told about previously. He's named Kaihlan, you can find him on Hentai Foundry and see about his artwork about my OC Kephrys on the "NSFW" entries of my journal. If you look for something naughty, or even not-so-naughty, he is totally your man.

I plan to commission artists on a monthly basis or so, so tag along if my advice is worth anything to you, bye !


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